After three years as Memphis’ entrepreneurship hub, Epicenter needed to tell their story. They engaged Baby Grand to develop an impact report that captured what they’ve done and where they’re going. While the report serves as a catalog for their past three years — it’s also a collection of bold statements that will guide Epicenter’s transformative work in the future. The result is “Vital: Nine truths learned from building a culture of entrepreneurship in Memphis”

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Impact you can hold in your hands.

Vital is a collection of unapologetic ideas, entrepreneur profiles, program information, collected data, and financials. The nine truths at the core of the report inspired a 9 x 9 inch square book layout. Each chapter features a distinct color that complements Epicenter’s brand palette. Bold headlines, original photography, and dynamic design keep the entire book engaging cover to cover.

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Outcomes. Online.

To ensure this collection of ideas reached as many people as possible, we translated the book to an interactive website. Users can navigate chapter by chapter, or scroll through the entire report on a single page. Reimagined layouts and custom animations bring the information to life.

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