Start something new. We’ll help.

Baby Grants provides initial seed funding and brand design for under-resourced entrepreneurs in Memphis. Why? To help start new businesses, create jobs, and stimulate economic impact in under-resourced areas.

Baby Grants recipients get:

Up to
$1,500 in grant capital
Grant capital includes up to $1,500 for a specific purchase to get your business going — a piece of equipment, tech, software, or anything else that will help get you off the ground. This is not a loan or investment for equity (you don’t need to pay us back).
design for your business
Brand design includes a logo, color palette, and fonts developed by our team of creatives. We’ll then help you apply the brand to key marketing pieces like social media, signage, or business cards.
Applicant requirements:
• You’re in the Memphis region
• You want to start or grow a personal business
• You have a clear business idea
• You have a specific use for the grant funds
• You have a clear need for a new brand
Examples of applicants we want to support:
Jason wants to start a pressure washing business. He needs some equipment and a logo for the side of his truck to get going.

Kerri styles hair in her home, but wants to move to a legit salon. She needs help with booth rental costs to get going and a brand to help her promote.

Sam wants to create social media content for clients. They need a new camera and branding that makes their freelance business look professional.
This round of applications closes April 30, 2024.

After we review all applications, we’ll reach out to select finalists to talk about your business or idea before choosing the Baby Grant recipient.

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