Edge Motor Museum

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The Edge Motor Museum is a preservation-focused car museum in Memphis’ Edge District. They enlisted Baby Grand to not only build the brand, but also to concept, create, and produce the entire museum experience. The inaugural exhibit, American Speed, tells the story of the American sports car through storytelling, visuals, photography, installations, video, and an interactive app. The museum’s brand and immersive exhibit positions it as a new, exciting experience among the many legacy attractions in Memphis.


The visual identity alludes to the museum’s location and the history of racing with a flag shape that mimics the state of Tennessee. The brand colors also stay true to car culture, with a palette that references asphalt, the lines on an open road, and turn signals.

Exhibit Design

The history of the American sports car is complex, so we began the exhibit design process with deep research of not only the cars and the companies that built them, but the culture and history of the United States during those years. The result is a story that spans a 120-foot wall, sweeping around a dozen iconic sports cars. Throughout the exhibit are smaller installations, video walls, and an interactive app that enables visitors to explore specifications and photos of every car.

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