Dextrous Robotics

When a logistics-focused robotics startup established their HQ in Memphis (the logistics capital of the country), they needed an identity that would help them stand out in an increasingly crowded tech field. We helped them create a bold, confident brand that matches their game-changing products.

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Robots don’t stand out on their own.

The robotics landscape is filled with highly-technical stalwarts and overly-peppy newcomers. Dextrous Robotics, chock-full of experience in the industry, needed a brand that felt focused, fresh, and substantial. We took their logistics-centric approach into consideration to create a visual identity and voice that helped them emerge as a serious contender in the robotics space.

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Bells and whistles built-in.

We applied the Dextrous brand to a concise, informative website that would impress potential funders, customers, and new-hires alike. A video scripted, directed, and produced by Baby Grand serves as an energetic introduction to their critical venture capital pitches.

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