City Fitness is a boutique gym with six locations in Philadelphia. They're the fastest growing gym in the city because they do crazy stuff like throw massive fitness and music mashups. They came to Baby Grand with an idea, and we helped them make it a reality.

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Movement from the get-go.

A first-of-its-kind activation deserves a one-of-a-kind brand. So we set out to create a name and logo packed with the same energy and excitement people would experience at the event.

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You’ve never seen a workout like this.

Here's what went down: 240 workout participants rotated between three separate activities (HIIT, spin, dance), each led by a local celebrity fitness instructor. Three Philly DJ's kept the beat going and the energy up. The whole thing stayed coordinated through silent-disco headphones. Hundreds more came to see the spectacle, and to watch our headliner take the stage after the workout. The best part? The event raised over $53,000 for neighborhood parks.

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