The Memphis Medical District Collaborative was looking to revive a previous attempt for micro-retail bays made from shipping containers. They reached out to us to reimagine the space in a new, inventive way that would resonate with the neighborhood, allow small business owners to test their retail concepts, and be a catalyst for future developments.

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Creativity, uncontained.

Thinking holistically about the BOXLOT experience, we designed the brand, space, and experiential elements to make micro-retail feel mega-exciting. To that end, we built a space that is vibrant, inviting, and programmable beyond the retail component alone. We even partnered with IKEA to bring a one-of-a-kind furnished lounge to a previously unused container.

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Heck of an unboxing.

Building BOXLOT was one thing — getting people there was another project entirely. But, with a strong brand foundation, we were able to create a compelling, post-worthy invitation to send to neighborhood stakeholders and local social influencers. Paired with a digital and traditional media campaign, the result was undeniable: more than 750 Memphians came to the Edge district to enjoy a totally unique experience.

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